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Get Delicious Kettlecorn in over 20 Exclusive Recipes

A perfect balance between sweet, savory, and the flavors you already know and love.

You just can't stop once you've tried Scragglepop!

Get Delicious Kettlecorn in over 20 Exclusive Recipes

A perfect balance between sweet and savory, plus all the flavors you already know and love!

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Unique Kettlecorn Made Fresh Every Day

The flavors are inspired by tastes like morning bowls of fruity cereal, Halloween caramel apples, Valentine’s Day cordial cherries, movie theatre butter, and of course Chicago-style cheddar and caramel.

Our unique flavors of caramel apple, cordial cherry, blueberry vanilla, and “scragglefruit” are made with a simple foundation of ingredients of salt, sugar, and oil to give you that classic crunchy taste that thousands of people love.


Kettlecorn is naturally gluten free leaving you with less bloating and inflammation.

No Peanut Oil

Corn Oil is used to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe to snack with us even with a peanut allergy.

Zero Trans-Fats

By removing trans-fats from our kettlecorn, we make snacking a little bit healthier for you and your cholesterol.

Our Featured Tins

Let It Snow

Reindeer Forest

White Cabin

Snowmen Rejoice

Snowman 1 Gallon

Let it Snow Teal lid 2 Gallon

Starlight 2 Gallon

Gilded Forest 3.5 Gallon

Home for the Holidays 3.5 gallon

Holiday Lights 3.5 Gallon

Christmas Stockings 3 Gallon

Snow Covered Mill 3 Gallon

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